Mars and The Virgin, 2014.  Oil, oilstick and graphite on canvas.

Mars and The Virgin

Related to my Constellations paintings, Mars is in the constellation Virgo, the virgin.  To the left, Saturn, the god of time, is in Libra, the scales.  

Sunset from Mount Olympus, 2014.  Oil, oilstick on canvas.

Sunset from Mount Olympus (detail)

Sunset from Mount Olympus

Mars is home to the Solar System's largest mountain, Olympus Mons, an extinct volcano so tall that it pierces the atmosphere.  From the base of Olympus Mons, on a clear night, you can see Earth and our moon with the naked eye, shown in detail to the right (the two points at the center of the image).

Mount Sharp, 2013.  Conte, acrylic and colored pencil on frosted mylar.

Mount Sharp

Mount Sharp as seen by the Curiosity Rover, from a false-color image.

Two Skies, Three Moons
(Diptych; left canvas: Luna, right canvas: Phobos and Deimos)

Mars' moons look very different than ours, and much smaller.  But people will look up at them in the night sky all the same.