C.S. Prewitt
b. 1982

2001-2006  University of Missouri-Columbia; Columbia, MO; BFA
2010-2012  Montclair State University; Montclair, NJ; MFA

Currently living and working in Jersey City, NJ.
Full CV available on request.

My practice stems from a lifelong fascination with the sciences, in particular physics, evolutionary biology and cosmology.  In recent years, my primary focus has been space exploration, specifically the human colonization of Mars. 

I utilize a wide variety of media and formats, ranging from fully immersive installations to works on paper.  Never content with a single medium or approach, I prefer to experiment and play, working on multiple projects at once and allowing them to bleed into each other.  There are always new avenues for expression and new questions to be explored.

Most of my work is intended to engage the audience with subjects that too often feel removed from our lives.  I want to present the cosmos on a human level, so that we can see and feel the scope of it, and know that it has a place for us.